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T-U Editorial: “Shore was right to resign, how was he there at all?”

Editorial: Shore was right to resign, how was he there at all?
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Florida Times-Union Editorial Board, 10/30/20

It’s essential that the Duval County Canvassing Board conduct itself openly and without a hint of partiality given Florida’s 20-year history of close statewide elections and occasional election disruptions.

It should not be difficult. Anyone with a shred of common-sense and ethics would realize that transparency is the first key to ethics.

Openness is a proud tradition of Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Laws. And ethics is enshrined in the Florida Bar.

So it was appropriate that Judge Brent Shore resigned from the Duval County Canvassing Board after Times-Union reporter Andrew Pantazi discovered that Shore had donated 12 times to President Donald Trump’s campaign.

(to read the rest of the editorial)

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