Transparency, Integrity and Accountability

Successful Gas Tax Vote is a Victory for Jacksonville

Dear OurJax Members,

Wednesday was an historic day in Jacksonville and a huge step forward for the future. It’s not only because the Jacksonville City Council voted 14-5 to increase the local option gas tax 6 cents to pay for infrastructure, the Emerald Trail, a $100 million investment in parks, and $70 million for downtown. Just as important, this time the Mayor’s team and members of the City Council demonstrated a commitment to transparency and community engagement, contrary to how the failed JEA sale and Lot J issues had beenhandled.

Numerous town halls were held by council members, community and civic leaders were engaged, and a spirit of listening prevailed.

As a result, important adjustments were made to the original gas tax proposal that made the final bill far better than it started. OurJax hopes this signals a new day in how our city government makes decisions.

OurJax took the position early on in the gas tax debate that our focus should be working to ensure that Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability were in the forefront, not to pick sides in the debate. We believe that was the right decision and we’re confident the influence of our members on the process was appreciated and heeded.

Whether you are a supporter of the gas tax or not, OurJax encourages you to communicate with members of the City Council and encourage them to continue down this needed new path as they face upcoming issues and decisions.

Thank you for believing in Jacksonville!

David Miller
OurJax Chair

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