Transparency, Integrity and Accountability is a group of concerned citizens who care deeply about the governance of our beloved City of Jacksonville.

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David Miller, Chair
Michael J. Ward, Chair Emeritus
Audrey Moran, Vice Chair
Michael Hightower, Treasurer
Sherry Magill, Secretary
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A Message from Ourjax Chair David Miller

During the last year, OurJax has provided leadership and given our citizens an important voice to halt a pair of flawed government policy actions, sale of JEA, and the proposal to develop Lot J.

We’ve shown public officials that our citizens don’t like being left out when our leaders are deciding Jacksonville’s future out of the sunshine, in secret.

We’ve proven that when we speak out, we can make a difference.

Through OurJax, you now have a voice.

Going forward, OurJax is refocusing its mission to advocate for a new culture in Jacksonville’s government where the public’s interest is first and our leaders do their work in the sunshine and in full view of the taxpayers.

We will work to create a more ethical framework that will foster a culture of decision making our citizens can once again trust.

If you aren’t already an OurJax Member, please join us to be a part of this advocacy campaign for Ethics Reform in Jacksonville’s government. Just click the Join Us Button.

David Miller
OurJax Chair

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An informed citizen is an engaged citizen.

Keeping you up to date on important local issues through emails,, and Facebook is foundational to OurJax.

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Thank you, Carla Miller!

Dear OurJax Members, For the first year of our existence, circumstances dictated that OurJax focus on public officials who acted to avoid transparency, evade public policy, and ignore

Gas Tax and Shipyards

Dear OurJax Members, Over the past couple of weeks, OurJax has been asked if we plan to take positions on two large local issues being planned. One is

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is transparency, integrity, accountability and local control. We believe the citizens of Northeast Florida all deserve a full investigation of the recent efforts to sell JEA. Only after constant revelations by the local media exposed the self-dealing, secrecy and scandals involved in the sale process, was an emergency Christmas Eve-morning meeting of the governing Board of JEA held which ended the effort to sell JEA.

This investigation should provide clear answers, accountability and understanding of a rushed sales process, that was hurried it appears at the direction at the highest levels of Jacksonville government.

We now know, through public records requests shared by local media, that many private utility giants bid billions of dollars to acquire JEA, which only proves the incredible economic value of JEA. We also know that continuing to locally own, operate and manage JEA has great value for our community and our citizens.

Our goal is to ensure this current halt to the process of sale is not a temporary pause. The best way to avoid future political pressure placed on the JEA Board to sell JEA is by conducting a thorough investigation to understand exactly what transpired among leadership in power in 2019.

We are a coalition of concerned citizens interested in working together to let our political leadership know that we will no longer standby while decisions are made without transparency, integrity, accountability, and local control in the operation of our entire city government.

Sign here to be a part of our coalition. We will keep you informed on the latest happenings in this rapidly moving process and provide you with the means to contact your elected officials quickly and efficiently. Mission Statement

The purpose of, Inc. is to promote Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in governmental and quasi-governmental entities in greater Northeast Florida, including but not limited to the City of Jacksonville and its related governmental entities.

Help us Fight for Transparency, Integrity and Accountability!