Transparency, Integrity and Accountability

OurJax Names David Miller Chair, Sets Focus On Public Ethics Reform

Dear OurJax Members:

During the last several months, we’ve all worked together to halt a pair of flawed government policy actions, sale of JEA and the proposal to develop Lot J.

We’ve shown public officials that our citizens don’t like being left out when our leaders are deciding Jacksonville’s future out of the sunshine, in secret.

We’ve proven that when we speak out, we can make a difference.

You have a voice.

Moving forward, OurJax is dedicating our purpose to help create a more ethical framework in local government. When decisions are made in the sunshine with Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability they can be trusted.

The time for Ethics Reform is now.

Based on past actions of some of Jacksonville’s officials, OurJax recognizes that creating real Ethics Reform will not be easy or automatic. It will take thought-out and doable proposals. It requires strategic planning.

Most of all, to be successful and change the culture of governance, OurJax will need the same positive citizen engagement you’ve shown in the past. We need your voice to be heard.

Let us know you will join this march to Ethics Reform in Jacksonville’s city government by clicking this button.

Finally, below is an announcement of our transition to a new chair and the OurJax new focus on Ethics Reform in local government.

Thank you for your belief in Jacksonville.

David Miller,
OurJax Chair


Jacksonville civic leader David Miller is the new Chair of OurJax, replacing Michael J. Ward. Ward will remain on the OurJax executive committee as Chair Emeritus. OurJax is a group of concerned citizens who organized to fight the effort to sell JEA. Recently, OurJax led a community wide effort to stop the flawed Lot J proposal.

Under Miller’s leadership, OurJax is adding new members to its Advisory Board and refocusing its mission to advocate for a new culture in Jacksonville’s government where our leaders make decisions that reflect Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability.

“We believe local governance has failed to put the public‘s interest first and that must change. The community thirsts for engagement and we will continue advocating for smart and ethical policies and processes to right our ship,” said Miller.

While OurJax has enjoyed success helping stop the JEA sale and defeating the Lot J proposal, Miller says, “hopefully, going forward we won’t have to fight policy decisions made behind closed doors. Instead, we can turn our attention encouraging our leaders to do their work in the sunshine and in full view of the taxpayers.”

Miller said OurJax wants to help create a more ethical framework for local government, “that will foster a culture of decision making our citizens can once again trust.”

Members of the OurJax executive committee are Vice Chair Audrey Moran, Treasurer Mike Hightower, Secretary Sherry Magill, and Warren Jones

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