Transparency, Integrity and Accountability

Message of December 14

Jacksonville City

December 14, 2020

More voices are being raised to question the flawed process and lack of transparency in the City administration’s handling of Lot J. A link is provided for an editorial which appeared this past weekend in The Florida Times-Union.

Editorial: JEA debacle resolves, maybe Lot J will too

Despite all of the building opposition from organizations, the Times-Union, and taxpayers, some members of the City Council are already dancing in the end zone, celebrating what they see as an inevitable victory.

No Playoffs This Year But Jacksonville Jaguars Will Win in January

Over the next three weeks, it will be more important than ever that OurJax members let members of the City Council know the Lot J deal is not acceptable for taxpayers.

Moving forward, OurJax will increase its efforts to end this rush by the mayor and some members of the Council to have the Lot J deal approved at the January 12, 2021 council meeting.

Best wishes for safe holidays.


Michael J. Ward

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